Sept 21 - Quick HIPP and Unit 3 Test

Moment of truth!

Hopefully you came in and reviewed the last LEQ. I sure hope you did. I am excited to see the improvement from the first test, especially with thesis development and your understanding of the prompt as a whole.

Besides the LEQ Outline Assessment, we will complete a Quick HIPP in class and we may have a few minutes to introduce the next Unit.

Good Luck,

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Turn In: Unit Pack
Quick HIPP: Unit 3
Test: Unit 3
If Time:
     Warm Up: #1
     Intro: Unit 4

Homework: Download and Print Unit 4 Assignment Sheet, CH 8 Quiz Monday

Travel Opportunity

Sept 19 - Discuss: Early American Politics and Louisiana Purchase Reading

Today we will have a recap of early American politics and then a primary source reading concerning the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase activity is through Google Classroom and a Google Classroom submission. Interesting topics for sure, so get ready!

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Warm Up: #4
Discuss: America’s First Decades
Reading Activity: Louisiana Purchase
Closure #3 (time permitting)

Homework: Study for Unit 3 Test (Remember an Essay Outline), Assemble Unit 3 Pack

Sept 18 - CH 7 Quiz

Easy day today. This agenda is even made easier if you listened to some of the content from John Adams (alien and sedition... cough, cough).

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

New Seats
Warm Up: #3
Quick Review: Constitution USA
Quiz: CH 7

Homework: Keep up on readings, Unit 3 Test Block 2

CH 7 Quiz Help

Listen to these excerpts from the book John Adams. Some of it may help you on the quiz!

XYZ Affair #1

XYZ Affair #2

Timothy Pickering

Alien and Sedition Acts

Sept 14 - AOC, The Constitution, and CH 6 Quiz

Bet you didn't know that Constitution Day is coming up? Neither did I, but the Federal Government says that we need to recognize it if we want funding. Why did we give up the Articles of Confederation again???

Today we will discuss the Articles of Confederation, watch a PBS series called Constitution USA (and answering a few discussion questions), and finish with a quiz!

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Activity: Articles of Confederation
     The Reading
Activity: Constitution USA
Quiz: CH 6

Homework: CH 7 Quiz Monday

Sept 12 - 1775 Board Game

Get Lit!
Some cool atmospheric phenomenon from last night. With crickets and baby noises too!

Today we will play 1775. This is a fun game, and I am looking forward to taking a bit of a break with you all while still immersing ourselves in the time period.

Have Fun,

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Warm-Up #2
Activity: 1775: Rebellion Board Game
     Set Up
     Clean Up
Closure #2

Homework:  Revolutionary War Board Game Reflection Paper due with Unit Pack, CH 6 Quiz