Aug 17 - Note Taking and Historiography

If you haven't dropped the class yet, welcome back!

Today we will be discussing two fundamental topics in order to be successful in this class: note taking and historiography. Today is not content heavy, but it will help ensure that we all have the skill set to do well in the class and the ability to analyze historical perspectives.

On Monday we will have our first Chapter Quiz, so be ready!

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Submit: Syllabus Sigs
Recap: Homework Reading Assignment
Review: Unit 1 Assignment Sheet
Warm Up #1
Skill Building: Note Taking
Read and Discuss: Historiography
Closure #1

Homework: Finish Historiography Assignment, Study CH 1 and a little of CH 2 for Quiz on Monday

Aug 16 - First Day

Welcome to APUSH!

I am very excited to start the new year. With this school year brings some changes to the class structure and the AP Test itself. This year will be markedly more rigorous than in year's past, for AP and Accel students alike.

Buckle up and get ready!

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Seating Chart (Find your number) / Take Attendance
Introduction: Who is Mr. T
Distribute: Textbooks
Review: AP Curriculum and Syllabus

Homework: Google Classroom Assignment (see below for class codes), Syllabus Signatures, Unit Assignment Sheet / CH 1 readings, and read “Why Study History”

Period 1 - 8dlkyq

Period 5 - 9o7nyh0

Finals Week and A Final Send Off

During finals we will be viewing extra credit presentations. After the presentations we will relax, respect the testing environment of our neighbors (Kerwin and Marchetti), and maybe watch some educational content ; ).

Final Send Off

Thanks to all of your hard work this year. I was impressed by your grit and determination. This class required you to be an autonomous learner and come to class prepared to wrestle with the content that you learned through the textbook (or Norris videos... cough, cough). 

Regardless of the AP scores I have already witnessed tremendous academic growth from students this year. With that said, I am eager to see how you were able to perform on the AP Test. Let's hope that the scores reflected the hard work observed in the classroom. 

Thanks again for making this year so enjoyable. You made me proud to be a teacher and a hopeful for the future. 

- Mr. T

June 5 - Start: Presentations

Let's end the year with some awesome presentations.

Looking forward to it!

- Mr. T



Homework: None

June 1 - Workday #8

The last day to work on projects is today. Let's hope you all finish strong ; )

Agenda (PPT)

Workday #8
Start Presentations (5th Period)

Homework: End of Year Project due June 1st

May 30 - Workday #7

Getting close to the end. Make every minute count.

Agenda (PPT)

Workday #7

Homework: End of Year Project due June 1st

May 25 - Workday #6

"Stupid is, as stupid does." - Forrest Gump

Get to work!

Agenda (PPT)

Workday #6

Homework: End of Year Project due June 1st