Oct 20 - Continue: Amistad

Continuing our film today. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Homecoming!

- Mr. T

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View: The Amistad

Homework: Nightly Readings

Oct 19 - CH 11 Quiz and Watch: Amistad

Movie day!

Well, it is a quiz day first and then movie day. Today's quiz circles back to the 19th century reforms (as I stated earlier). Also the topic of today's movie is the trans-atlantic slave trade. Actually, it is an account of a slave ship that was transporting slaves to the U.S. after the slave trade was banned (1808).

Here is a cool description of the importance of the elimination of the trans-atlantic slave trade:

Prof. FONER: I think what we remember in history, as I said, tells us a lot of ourselves. I would like to see January 1st, 1808 remembered as an important turning point. It was the first time, really, that Congress stigmatized, at least, an aspect of slavery as immoral, illegitimate and worthy of being prohibited. And it did raise the question of slavery itself - even though it didn't lead directly to the abolition of slavery.

Half a century later, Abraham Lincoln, in the Lincoln-Douglas debates, would say, look. You know, the Southerners claim they have a right of property in slaves. Well, why, then, is the importation of slaves wrong? Why don't they just keep importing slaves if it's no different than any other property? We don't we have a ban on importing any other form of property. Obviously, there is something different about slaves that makes people, you know, feel that this trade is illegitimate. And that is a condemnation of slavery itself.

So I think it was a very important moment. And, of course, one can think what would have happened if the slave traders had continued? There would have been hundreds of thousands of more slaves brought into the country. The South would have grown more powerful, more politically dominant. It probably would have expanded slavery into Cuba, into the Caribbean, into Mexico. More slaves would have led to the United States becoming a slave empire in a way in which many Southerners wanted. And that would have been a terrible fate.


- Mr. T

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Quiz: CH 11
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Homework: Nightly Readings

Oct 17- Market Revolution DBQ

We will be finishing our prior lesson today regarding DBQ writing.

We didn't even scratch the surface of this activity, so I bet it will take the whole block period.


Mr. T

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Discuss: DBQ Rubric
Practice: Market Revolution DBQ
Closure #4

Homework: Chapter 11 Quiz

Research Paper Tips: From the Best APUSH Teacher Ever!!!

The information below is from Mr. Marchetti. It is very useful. If you do not take this seriously, the grading process will be a blood bath. Take note of the suggestions/reminders below and ask me if you have questions!


- Mr. T

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

So your first Research Paper is due Monday night BEFORE 11:59pm to Turnitin.com.  Below are some tips and resources for your first attempt at a major research paper.  Please do your best to follow all guidelines!  This paper is worth 200 points and follows a fairly comprehensive rubric that will be difficult to master.  Have no fear though!  I believe that if you work hard and try your best you will improve!  Tackle this challenge with effort and perseverance and you will be a champion (eventually 😀 )!  Have a great weekend everybody!  Happy Writing!

  1. Remember that your essay should start from your Annotated Bibliography
    1. You may have changed sources, your thesis, or even the prompt chosen... but I have been a part of that process along the way! If not, your Research Paper WILL NOT BE GRADED!!!
  2. Make sure that you know all the requirements in the Research Paper Assignment Sheet
    1. Paper must be 1000-1500 words
      1. This DOES NOT include your title page or your bibliography!
    2. Must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs
      1. It may be more than 5 paragraphs
    3. You will NOT be turning in your Annotated Bibliography with your research paper!
      1. Just make sure you have your sources included in your bibliography
    4. Make sure to follow Chicago Style Guidelines
      1. Follow these Tips for a Superior Essay
      2. Follow these Essay Writing Tips
    5. Make sure you include a Bibliography AND at least 5 footnote citations
      1. Footnotes and Bibliography should follow Chicago Style formatting
  3. Start with the Research Paper Template
    1. This will help you properly format your paper
    2. Formatting is an entire section on the rubric
  4. Review the research paper Rubric
    1. There are several sections on this rubric and getting anything above a B requires strong critical thinking and writing skills
    2. Review this rubric extensively before writing and/or submitting your paper
    3. Core categories
      1. Academic Skill & Content Knowledge (40 pts)
        1. You need to demonstrate that you are familiar and comfortable with the content information.  Includes details as well as ability to make connections with historical information
      2. Writing Skill Content & Development (30 pts)
        1. Your thesis is key here as well as your ability to maintain focus on your thesis throughout your paper.
      3. Writing Skill Organization (20 pts)
        1. This is all about organization, having a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.  Also your ability to transition between ideas smoothly and logically.
      4. Writing Skill Conventions & Voice (30 pts)
        1. This is where your mechanics matter.  You need to pay attention to your spelling, grammar, word choices, and sentence structure if you want to do well in this category.
      5. Information Literacy (20 pts)
        1. This one is all about formatting.  Did you follow proper formatting guidelines and make few, if any, errors?  This is ALSO about conducting appropriate research!  Did you find appropriate and credible resources?  Did you properly incorporate and cite them in your paper?
      6. Analysis (40 pts)
        1. This is all about you connecting facts with commentary and analysis.  You need to explain how and why your facts are important AND how and why they prove your thesis.  This is one of the most important categories!
      7. Preparation for Lifelong Learning (20 pts)
        1. This should come in your conclusion!  That is where I am looking for this.  This one is all about your ability to demonstrate that you applied yourself in this assignment.  Make connections to events and/or people in the modern world.  Connect various historical examples to other examples.  Demonstrate that you LEARNED something while doing this assignment!
      8. Total point value = 200 pts
    4. This rubric is tough and you need to understand every component if you wish to give yourself the best chance for success!
Best of luck and email me if you have any questions.

Live long and prosper,

Mr. Marchetti

Oct 12 - CH 10 Quiz and DBQ Discussion

Hey Folks,

We will take another quiz today. Don't worry, we will discuss some of the topics before we take the quiz.

More importantly we will discuss the DBQ. This is a heavily weighted part of the AP test and is something we need to understand in greater depth.

- Mr. T

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Warm-Up #5
Discuss: Market Revolution
Chapter 10 Quiz
Practice: Market Revolution DBQ
Closure #4

Homework: Nightly readings

Research Paper Resources

Make sure this LINK is bookmarked

It has a new resource for proper title page formatting!!!

Oct 10 - SAC 19th Century Reforms

Today will require lots of focus. Nothing difficult about the lesson, but you need to be engaged, participate, and be prepared to use your best academic speaking skills.

By engaging in this Structured Academic Conversation you will be answering the question:

Focus Question: Which reform movement had the largest impact on the society in the 19th century?

You will of course advocate for your assigned reform movement, but it is also important to learn about all the other reforms through the conversation. 

See you soon,

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Warm Up: #4
Review: Reform Movements
     Small Groups
Socratic Debate: Reform Movements
Closure #3

Homework: CH 10 Quiz