Sunday, February 19, 2017

APUSH Survey

Hey All,

Please complete this survey for us. Using this data for the AP recruitment night.


- Mr. T

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Feb 16 - CH 25 Quiz and Finish: The Atomic Cafe

Quiz and a Movie!

Pretty easy way to end the week. Plus we will look into the history of nuclear testing as well as how nuclear explosions impact the regions that they are detonated in.

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Quick Talk: Nuclear Destruction
Chapter 25 Quiz
Finish: Atomic Café

     Chapter 26 Quiz Monday after Break
     Enjoy the Break!
     Outside Reading Project due by March 27

Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb 14 - Intro Unit 8 and Start: Atomic Cafe

Happy Valentines Day!

Sure there is an interesting historical misrepresentation that the corporate overlords (AKA Hallmark) have used to their economic advantage.

Anyway, today we will intro Unit 8 and start a documentary about the Cold War.

Agenda (PPT)

Warm-Up #1
Introduce Unit 8
Start: The Atomic Cafe

Chapter 25 Quiz Thursday

The Atomic Cafe from koba on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feb 13 - Writing Review #4

More review, and more writing!

See the agenda below but also check out and save the hyperlink for the AP Score calculator. It may be helpful later.

Good Luck,

- Mr. T

AP Score Calculator

Agenda (PPT)

Writing/Content Review Activity #4
     Define FOUR historical terms
     Write a Linkage paragraph
     Share with partner
     Share with class
Turn-in Writing Activity

Homework: Chapter 25 Quiz Thursday

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb 9 - Unit 7 DBQ

DBQ Time!

I am sure you will all do really well on today's DBQ. Just go with your instincts and rely on your knowledge from prior discussions about writing and content.

Good Luck,

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Turn In: Unit Pack
Finish: WWII
Unit 7 Test: DBQ

Homework: Access Unit 8 Assignment Sheet HERE IT IS, Submit Unit 7 Theme Essay

Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb 7 - CH 24 Quiz, New Deal Presentations, WWII

Hey Folks,

Jam packed day today. Need to keep up the pace and get through this last day of the unit. If for some reason we run low on time, we will review the WWII stuff right before the DBQ on Thursday.


- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Quiz: CH 24
Gallery Walk: The New Deal Reforms - STUDENT PRESENTATIONS
Quick Discuss: WWII
Activity: Illustrative Design

Homework: Unit 7 DBQ (Study), Unit 7 Theme Essay, Unit Pack Checklist (finish Illustrative Design)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feb 6 - Writing Review #3

Another great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!

We will be practicing proper document analysis in a DBQ body paragraph while reviewing content from APUSH Key Concept (time period) 4.

Good Luck,

- Mr. T

Agenda (PPT)

Writing/Content Review Activity
     Write a 2-Chunk Paragraph
     Use Documents as evidence
     Share with Partner
     Discuss with class
Turn-in Writing Activity

Homework: Chapter 24 Quiz Tuesday, Unit 7 Test Thursday